Wind powered light house idea.

We have been thinking about other ways in which we can generate energy in relationship to the sea and have become interested in light houses and their function but also how their function has become almost lost just like the morse code transmitters. We have started an idea of creating a wind powered light house,

Telegraph work.

We have started to visualize how we can use telegraphs and this idea of transmitting signals or sounds into our work. The first idea we have is to make a transmitter with a morse key which transmits messages to a radio which would be presented in another room. next to the transmitter and radio there


                  LAND LINE TELEGRAPH !—–KEY—–! ! ! ! BATTERY 1 SOUNDER BATTERY 2 ! ! !————-! ELECTRICAL DIAGRAM OF A WIRELESS SPARK TRANSMITER WITH “HOMEMADE” BUZZER: BUZZER (Generates Sparks & Radio Waves) !—>—–>—->—->—->——-@ Sparking contact on top. (A Nail) ! ~~ \~~ {~SPARKS~} ! \ ! \ Moveable