Home made Fm radio transmitters and telegraphs


This is a regular fm transmitter that you can connect to your car to be able to listen to your own music from an mp3 player


An FM transmitter built after specifications on the internet. it should have worked but the clerk at Maplin gave us the wrong parts (some of the resistors and capacitors) so it would function. We are determined to make it work one way or another. It is actually not that complicated but perhaps we do not have the tech skills it takes.


A telegraph consisting of a spark transmitter, battery and a key. We are in the early stages of building it but are close to completing it. It is a development from a line telegraph that we made earlier. We decided to make a telegraph machine as we feel that it could be an easier option than to carry on with the FM transmitters as we are quickly realising and deciding that we have become too involved in the technical processes so we should make it as easy as possible for ourselves which may involve buying existing transmitters but keeping the project idea alive through the concept and other pieces of work which will be displayed with the machine.

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