Wind powered light house idea.

We have been thinking about other ways in which we can generate energy in relationship to the sea and have become interested in light houses and their function but also how their function has become almost lost just like the morse code transmitters. We have started an idea of creating a wind powered light house, which will rely on the inconsistency of the wind to make the bulb pulsate. There is something poetic about using wind to generate light, maybe because the sea relies on tides and weather and how lighthouses send out messages to navigate boats away from the rocks/ land.

We hope to display the final work as a light bulb which lights up a piece of glass which will have white vinyl lettering of a decided sentence in a blacked out room so the text in only visible when the light is on. The bulb will be powered by a wind generator which will hopefully be attached to the roof.


20130211_155231 20130211_155338 20130211_155312 20130207_144319

At the moment we are looking into building our own generator using magnets and copper wire which when spun will create electricity, we have only built a prototype which in theory could work if we have stronger magnets. Under recommendation we also purchased a dynamo motor which we are hoping will be powered by cogs attached to a wind turbine which might be more of an effective way to create electricity.

We have also made a very rough sketch of the form our wind turbine will take using a light weight plastic sheet bent into a form which the wind will spin freely.

Although these experiments have broadened our understanding of the process and technology involved in wind power, we have not found a successful way to make this project reliable enough to work. However we have arranged some meetings with a mechanical engineer and an electrician who might be able to help us build a more  a more efficient model.

Recently, just like the transmitter ideas we have had to question whether the art work lies within the mechanics or the idea, and would the work become less valuable if we brought a wind turbine which we know will work? maybe the work lies more within the idea and the text and again we are becoming too involved in the mechanics .. something which quite honestly , although we find interesting, is in fact out of our reach practically.

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